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ECONAMID® AIR carbon fiber reinforced PA compounds showcased at AEROCAR in Spain

At the AEROCAR Final Event in Markina-Xemein (Spain) on June 28, 2019, Sergio Moriano, Global Business Line Director Composites at Domo Engineering Plastics discussed the technology in a presentation titled “ECONAMID® AIR – lighter, safer and more sustainable”. As a flagship of the company’s product offering, the ECONAMID® AIR range of carbon fiber reinforced PA6, PA66 and PA66/6 compounds provides enhanced sustainability and comparable performance over conventional virgin countertypes materials. With a carbon fiber content of up to 50 percent, ECONAMID® AIR combines outstanding stiffness with low density for a wide range of cost-effective and lightweighting designs in demanding application areas, such as automotiveindustrial and sports.

The carbon fibers also provide reduced surface and volume resistivity for various different levels of electrical conductivity, from anti-static and static dissipation properties to high electrical conductivity. These additional properties can be used by OEM and TIER in the development of connectors, fuel filtering components, LIDAR, camera housings and electronic components. “As mobility continues to play a major role in sustainable economic growth, OEMs and suppliers are faced with increasing demands from regulators and consumers to reduce its environmental impact”, says Sergio Moriano. “Lightweighting has been key in cutting the fuel consumption of combustion vehicles as well as extending the range of electric vehicles and reducing overall CO2 emissions. However, further eco-improvements require engineering materials that will also provide a more environmental mass balance based on recycled feedstock in a circular plastics economy. This is where our ECONAMID® AIR compounds have a perfect strategic fit.”

ECONAMID® AIR is the ecological choice where carbon filled polyamide compounds are needed. Their proprietary technology combines 100 percent upcycled polyamide feedstock from nylon fiber yarn and film production waste with high-quality recycled carbon fibers. The resulting PA6, PA66 and PA66/6 materials enable a significant reduction of CO2 emissions without compromising mechanical properties. A comprehensive life cycle study has also revealed a superior eco-balance for ECONAMID® over virgin PA in terms of water consumption and non-renewable energy used.

Besides excellent stiffness and electrical conductivity, ECONAMID® AIR compounds offer high tensile and impact strength comparable to virgin PA with prime carbon fibers. In addition, they also provide enhanced tribological properties, high heat deflection temperature and excellent flame retardancy. Many of DOMO’s advanced ECONAMID® material solutions are custom-developed in close collaboration with business partners. The product offering is complemented by specialized prototyping and simulation services, helping engineers design high-performance, aesthetic and safer applications with minimized environmental impact.

About DOMO Chemicals
DOMO Chemicals is a leading producer of high-quality engineering materials for a diverse range of markets, including the automotive, food, medical, pharmaceutical, chemicals and electronics industries. The company offers a complete portfolio of integrated nylon 6 products, including intermediates, resins, engineering plastics and packaging film and distribution of petrochemical products. Headquartered in Germany, the family-owned company leverages advanced technol-ogy and consumer insights to deliver sustainable & innovative solutions. DOMO generated 2018 sales over EUR 900 million and employs approximately 1100 employees worldwide.

在2019年6月28日在Markina-Xemein(西班牙)举行的AEROCAR决赛中,Domo Engineering Plastics的全球业务线总监Sergio Moriano在题为“ECONAMID®AIR – 更轻,更安全,更可持续”的演讲中讨论了该技术。作为该公司产品的旗舰产品,ECONAMID®AIR系列碳纤维增强PA6,PA66和PA66 / 6化合物与传统的原始反型材料相比,具有更高的可持续性和相当的性能。 ECONAMID®AIR的碳纤维含量高达50%,结合了出色的刚度和低密度,适用于汽车工业和运动等苛刻应用领域的各种经济高效和轻量化设计。
碳纤维还提供降低的表面和体积电阻率,用于各种不同水平的导电性,从抗静电和静电耗散性能到高导电性。 OEM和TIER可以使用这些附加属性来开发连接器,燃料过滤组件,激光雷达,相机外壳和电子组件。 “随着移动性在可持续经济增长中继续发挥重要作用,OEM和供应商面临着监管机构和消费者对减少环境影响的不断增长的需求,”Sergio Moriano说。 “轻量化是减少燃烧汽车燃料消耗以及扩大电动汽车范围和减少二氧化碳排放总量的关键。然而,进一步的生态改进需要工程材料,这也将在循环塑料经济中基于再生原料提供更多的环境质量平衡。这就是我们的ECONAMID®AIR化合物具有完美的战略契合性。“
ECONAMID®AIR是需要碳填充聚酰胺化合物的生态选择。他们的专有技术将尼龙纤维纱线和薄膜生产废料的100%回收聚酰胺原料与高品质的再生碳纤维相结合。由此产生的PA6,PA66和PA66 / 6材料可显着减少二氧化碳排放,同时不会影响机械性能。全面的生命周期研究还表明ECONAMID®优于原始PA在水消耗和使用的不可再生能源方面具有卓越的生态平衡。
除了出色的刚度和导电性外,ECONAMID®AIR复合材料具有与原始碳纤维相当的高拉伸强度和冲击强度。此外,它们还具有增强的摩擦学性能,高的热变形温度和优异的阻燃性。 DOMO的许多先进的ECONAMID®材料解决方案都是与业务合作伙伴密切合作定制开发的。该产品提供专业的原型设计和仿真服务,帮助工程师设计出高性能,美观和安全的应用,同时将环境影响降至最低。
关于DOMO Chemicals
道明化学是一家领先的高品质工程材料生产商,产品广泛应用于汽车,食品,医药,制药,化工和电子等行业。该公司提供完整的尼龙6综合产品组合,包括中间体,树脂,工程塑料和包装薄膜以及石化产品的分销。这家家族企业总部位于德国,利用先进的技术和消费者洞察力,提供可持续的创新解决方案。 DOMO在2018年的销售额超过9亿欧元,在全球拥有约1100名员工。
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