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DOMO Chemicals at Fakuma 2017 – A global polyamide expert co

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DOMO Chemicals at Fakuma 2017 – A global polyamide expert co

DOMO Chemicals at Fakuma 2017 – A global polyamide expert covering a wide range of markets

At Fakuma DOMO Chemicals shows its innovation capabilities and expertise, globally covering a wide range of markets where Polyamide 6 is key. Future trends affecting the needs of these markets are reflected in DOMO’s market approach.

Looking ahead
On the DOMO Chemicals booth at Fakuma two DOMO business units, DOMO Engineering Plastics and DOMO Nylon & Intermediates, present their innovative capabilities in a solutions targeted market approach. The markets of Textile Fibres, Flexible Packaging, Electric & Electronic, Industrial & Consumer Goods, Automotive, Oil & Gas, Transport and Agriculture have specific needs for polyamide applications, with an increased focus on products that are in line with future trends as E-mobility, autonomous driving, connectivity, sustainability, carbon footprint reduction, smart and flexible packaging. In this context DOMO offers innovative, efficient and sustainable solutions for its customers, backed by a global supply and service.

Trustful brands keep evolving
Five brands cover DOMO’s customers polyamide and compounds needs in a wide range of markets: DOMAMID®, ECONAMID®, DOMOLEN®, THERMEC™ and ECOMASS®.

The DOMO Engineering Plastics division presents its engineered DOMAMID® polymers for metal replacement, high fluidity, high stiff and aesthetical applications. With THERMEC™, polymers with enhanced Performance at High Temperatures, and ECOMASS®, high density engineering plastics designed to replace metallic materials, DOMO Engineering plastics offers now a broad portfolio for state-of-the-art applications.

ECONAMID®, the range of sustainable nylon compounds of DOMO, strengthens its sustainability claims by the Environmental Product Declaration certification (EPD), issued by a third party (Sweden Environdec). Using ECONAMID® reduces up to 97% CO2 emissions (GWP) in comparison to virgin polyamide. Its outstanding characteristics and application possibilities make it the sustainable choice for many applications in a wide variety of markets.

New virgin polymers for all segments
The DOMO Nylon & Intermediates division is producing a wide portfolio of polyamide 6 (PA6) virgin resins with applications in engineering plastics, fibres & film extrusion. During this years’ FAKUMA edition, DOMO Nylon & Intermediates is officially launching new PA6 grades in all three segments:

For the engineering plastics business DOMO Nylon & Intermediates shows DOMAMID®H22, a new, ultra-low viscosity polyamide. This high-flow, easy processable virgin polymer is perfectly suited for high filled compounds, and is suitable for long glass fibres in regards to nearly all injection molding applications.

For the fibre business, DOMO Nylon & Intermediates launches DOMAMID®H27 S05 – a modified PA6 for BCF, which achieves 30% lower shrinkage during heat setting compared to average shrinkage in case of using standard PA6.

For film extrusion, a new high viscosity range with DOMAMID®H33, H36 and H40 is now available; either pure or in finished version (lubricated or lubricated and nucleated).
DOMO Chemicals will exhibit its range of products and solutions at Fakuma 2017 in Hall B4 Booth 4216.

About DOMO Chemicals
DOMO Chemicals is a privately owned German based Chemical Company with facilities in Germany, Italy, China and the USA. DOMO Chemicals is a fully integrated caprolactam and nylon 6 specialist globally active in the field of nylon 6 intermediates (caprolactam, cyclohexanone, phenol, acetone, etc.), nylon 6 resins, nylon 6 packaging film, engineering plastics compounds, fertilizers and distribution of petrochemical products. Learn more at

在Fakuma上,DOMO Chemicals展示了其创新能力和专业知识,在全球范围内涵盖了聚酰胺6是关键的广泛市场。影响这些市场需求的未来趋势反映在DOMO的市场方法中。

在Fakuma的DOMO Chemicals展位上,两个DOMO业务部门,即DOMO Engineering Plastics和DOMO Nylon&Intermediates,以针对市场的解决方案展示了他们的创新能力。纺织纤维,软包装,电气和电子,工业和消费品,汽车,石油和天然气,运输和农业市场对聚酰胺应用有特殊需求,并且越来越关注与电子化趋势相符的产品。移动性,自动驾驶,连接性,可持续性,减少碳足迹,智能灵活包装。在这种情况下,DOMO为其客户提供了创新,高效和可持续的解决方案,并得到了全球供应和服务的支持。


DOMO工程塑料部门展示了其工程化的DOMAMID®聚合物,可用于金属替代,高流动性,高刚度和美学应用。凭借THERMEC™(在高温下具有增强性能的聚合物)和ECOMASS®(旨在替代金属材料的高密度工程塑料),DOMO Engineering Plastics现在为最先进的应用提供了广泛的产品组合。


DOMO尼龙和中间体部门正在生产广泛的聚酰胺6(PA6)原生树脂产品组合,这些产品可用于工程塑料,纤维和薄膜挤出。在今年的FAKUMA版中,DOMO Nylon&Intermediates正式在所有三个领域推出新的PA6牌号:

对于工程塑料业务,DOMO Nylon&Intermediates展示了一种新型超低粘度聚酰胺DOMAMID®H22。这种高流动性,易于加工的原始聚合物非常适合于高填充化合物,并且在几乎所有注塑应用中都适合于长玻璃纤维。

对于纤维业务,DOMO Nylon&Intermediates推出DOMAMID®H27S05 –一种用于BCF的改进型PA6,与使用标准PA6时的平均收缩率相比,热定型时的收缩率降低30%。

DOMO Chemicals将在Fakuma 2017的B4展厅4216展位上展示其产品和解决方案。

关于DOMO Chemicals
DOMO Chemicals是一家德国私人化工公司,在德国,意大利,中国和美国设有工厂。 DOMO Chemicals是一家完全集成的己内酰胺和尼龙6专家,在全球范围内活跃于尼龙6中间体(己内酰胺,环己酮,苯酚,丙酮等),尼龙6树脂,尼龙6包装膜,工程塑料化合物,肥料和石化产品。了解更多信息,请访问

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